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A Multi-Function Hard/Soft Target fuzing system developed for use by both NAVAIR and the USAF in the MK80 series, BLU-109, BLU-110, BLU-111, BLU-113, BLU-117, BLU-122 and in conjunction with JDAM and Paveway weapon kits and with High Drag and Low Drag Tail Kits. In addition to impact/post-impact delay, the fuze is capable of accepting a …

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The M904/AEQ is a nose non-delay mechanical impact fuse and The M905/AEQ is a tail non-delay mechanical impact fuse. Both fuses can be configured for nine arming times, from 2 to 18 seconds, the safety block being released after traveling for approximately 1,000 feet.


The fuze incorporates exciting new state of the art technology using SFMCW, a proprietary technology ensuring height of burst accuracy of 6meters ±2meters, also rendering the fuze immune to mutual interference, enemy jamming and battlefield disturbances such as dust, smoke and other radio emissions, utilizing comprehensive signal processing technology Enhanced life cycle(no batteries or stored …

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